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Gregg SAPP - brief bio

A native of Columbus, O-hi-o, I crafted a peripatetic career as a librarian, editor, college teacher, and academic administrator. In my career in higher education, I authored some 60 academic articles, four monographs, 300-some reviews, and served as editor of five professional journals. I don’t think anybody read a word of any of it. 

I have master degrees in library science from the University of Washington and adult education from Montana State University. Among my jobs were positions at Idaho State University, University of Miami (FL), University at Albany (SUNY), and the Evergreen State College in Washington.

Back in the 1980’s and 90’s, I wrote some poems and short stories that appeared in various small literary arts journals (does anybody remember The Redneck Review of Literature?). For my 50th birthday present to myself, I decided to resume creative writing. Maybe somebody would read it? 

Hence, I was thrilled when my first novel, Dollarapalooza — or — The Day Peace Broke Out in Columbus, was published by Switchgrass Books of Northern Illinois University Press in May, 2011. Since then, happily, I’ve published several short stories, some poetry, and humor in journals, including Marathon Review, Zodiac Review, Waypoints, Semaphore, Kestrel, Top Shelf, Muleskinner Journal, Goat’s Milk, and I’ve been a frequent contributor to Midwestern Gothic. At last count I’d published 28 stories. 

My second novel, Fresh News Straight from Heaven, won a Pinnacle Award for literary fiction. It is based upon the true mythology of the American folk hero, Johnny Appleseed, and released by Evolved Publishing. It is available at: Fresh News Straight from Heaven (evolvedpub.com)

More recently, I’ve been writing the “Holidazed” series of satires, each of which is set around a different holiday. To date, there are six books in the series: “New Year’s Eve, 1999,” “Halloween from the Other Side,” “The Christmas Donut Revolution,” “Upside Down Independence Day,” “Murder by Valentine Candy,” and “Thanksgiving, Thanksgotten, Thanksgone.” FORTHCOMING: “Mother Fracking Earth Day.” 

I have two exemplary children, Kelsey and Keegan, and two similarly flawless grandchildren, Anthony and Elliana (with a third due soon). I currently write and reside in the hippie haven of Olympia, WA with my wife Beatrice. 

Gregg and Bee toast their balloon ride on the Serengeti


Portriat of the artist as a young man
Mark Twain teaching me a thing or two about writing
Classic Mail Pouch barn near Mansfield, OH
Don't even think of going there
Mom and Dad on their prom night, 1956
Bee becomes a United States citizen.
Cornhenge in Dublin, Ohio
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